European Union Plans for Solar Farm in Sahara Desert to Power Europe

The European countries seems to be the largest “green” goers, how? They’ve been seeing few years from now that almost all cars on Europe will be e-cars, aside from that, European Union plans of filling the 0.3 percent of Sahara desert to power the whole continent. In fact, filling 1 percent of Sahara with solar panels would powered the whole world, imagine that, really big and greener planet.

However, this type of big projects could mean a whole lot of problem. They speculated that the whole Sahara Solar Project could last until 2050, newer technology will negate the current problem on how they will transport the harvested energy from Sahara to European homes. And ultimately the massive budget of $400 billion Euros just to jump start the construction.

We see that the budget isn’t a problem since this could be invested by the all the nations knowing that gradually this development can be develop further to accommodate the world’s energy needs. Then 1 percent of Sahara will be part of saving the planet and will mark the history of energy preservation.