Your mobile app is spying on you

The odds are pretty good that if you’re a big consumer of mobile apps, the private information on your phone has been collected and sent somewhere without your knowledge. That’s the finding of the App Genome Project mammoth study by Lookout, a mobile security company that has scrutinized more than 300,000 apps on bothRead More

Apple rechargeables smarter than average AAs

The Apple Battery Charger has a power-management system that cuts the power when AA batteries are fully charged to nearly eliminate the vampire draw. The charger draws 30 milliwatts once batteries are full, compared with 315 milliwatts for other nickel-metal hydride rechargeables, Apple said. The charger kit costs $29 and includes six Apple batteries,Read More

Timeline of major Pakistani air crashes

A Pakistani Airbus passenger jet operated by Airblue crashed in densely wooded hills outside the capital Islamabad on Wednesday, killing up to 152 people on board. Following is a chronology of major air crashes in Pakistan or involving Pakistani planes: May 20, 1965: A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Boeing 707 crashes on itsRead More

Noreaga of WakeUpProject has officially retired. Noreaga, one of the wup’s original founders and main directors, has decided to retire for good…. read

wakeupproject When the Muslims (Moors) Ruled in Europe: Islamic History and Contributions When the Muslims (Moors) Ruled in Europe. This is a must watch for anyone interested in El Andalus and the contributions made by the Muslims. It’s interesting to note that modern day Spaniards are only now beginning to appreciate theirRead More

Uncle Sam Wants You To Fight Hackers

In cyber crime circles, this is called “social engineering,” and criminals use the tactics to circumvent companies’ Internet security software by tricking employees to download harmful software or cough up passwords. Osborn doesn’t look the part of a hacker, with his short blond hair, baby face, and glasses. Yet he’s persuasive—after a fewRead More

Facebook Twitter Users Vent Wrath Over Oil Spill

A Facebook group called “Boycott BP,” which encourages people to stop using BP (BP) products, has drawn more than 250,000 fans. U.S. government agencies have set up pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google’s (GOOG) YouTube, and Yahoo!’s (YHOO) Flickr to field questions about the cleanup effort. An anonymously managed Twitter account that makes glib comments, purportedlyRead More

Turning the iPhone Glitch into Gold

When complaints surfaced that the antenna wasn’t working properly on the iPhone 4, Apple (AAPL) told users to hold the device differently or put it in a protective case. Some owners called the response insensitive. Makers of iPhone accessories, on the other hand, welcomed it. “It is good news,” says Tim Hickman, founderRead More

Microsoft warns of Windows shortcut drive-by attacks

Microsoft on Tuesday said that hackers could exploit the unpatched Windows shortcut vulnerability using drive-by download attacks that would trigger an infection when people simply surf to a malicious Web site. A noted vulnerability researcher today confirmed that such attacks are possible. In the revised security advisory published yesterday Microsoft acknowledged the new attackRead More

Gold Ingot USB memory stick

In case you ever wanted a “golden” USB memory stick, here’s your chance: made by I-O Data, the so-called Gold Ingot USB Memory [JP] offers 4GB capacity. The body is mainly made of Japanese wood and covered by a thin layer of gold. The stick was designed in collaboration with Japanese company Hakuichi [JP] and weighsRead More

An analysis of a PDF exploit

Most people think of PDF documents as static pieces of information. How could a PDF file compromise your computer? The reality is that PDF documents can contain all sorts of stuff, and clever miscreants have figured out how to exploit that stuff to wreak havoc on your computer. PDF exploits are on theRead More

Sticking With Microsoft

There has been a lot of negativity about Microsoft (MSFT) recently, including some pundits propagating the notion that it is “dying.” This is pretty absurd considering how much money the company makes. Here are Microsoft’s net income numbers for the last three years:$14.5B (2009), $17.6B (2008), $14B (2007). They are hauling in atRead More

Nokia announces 5530 Express Music

Nokia introduces a new Xpress music 5530 which is a cheaper version of 5800 Xpress Music.This touch enable music phone will be available in the markets very soon through carphone Warehouse which will sell the phone exclusively for six Weeks. Specifications 2G Network —-> GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Dimension —->104*49*13mm,68cc Weight —->107g Type —->TFT Resistence touch screen,16m colors Size —->360*640 pixels,2.9 inches Speakerphone—->3.5Read More

29 Illegal VoIP Gateways Raided in 1 Year

During the last one year, PTA and FIA conducted 29 successful raids on grey traffickers throughout Pakistan, which included small and big gateway operators. During these raids, a number of persons, including foreigners, were arrested along with confiscation of more than forty illegal gateway exchanges, hundreds of SIMs/connections and other accessories. In theRead More

White Chocolate

White chocolate is a concoction of milk, sugar and cocoa butter. It doesn’t contain any solid cocoa and therefore is often not regarded as chocolate at all. The ingredients alone show, that there is not much health benefit in the consumption of white chocolate. The only advantage over dark chocolate is, that whiteRead More