Gift Guide: BFG NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 H2OC Watercooled GPU

f you’re a gamer yourself, BFG’s Frankenstein monster of graphical terror needs no introduction. If you aren’t, then here’s the gist: BFG’s modded NVIDIA GTX 295 is to date the most powerful consumer GPU on the market (the thing in a computer that handles the onscreen graphics), and can handle insane amounts of 3D graphical wizardry with aplomb, which you’d expect for $500-plus smackeroos. To cut down on heat and fan noise that comes with overclocking, BFG went ahead and installed a maintenance-free liquid-cooling system, which not only sounds awesome, but should work wonders in keeping your PC from sounding like a jet engine in the midst of a heated CoD4 ambush. Trust us, if your kid, significant other, or friend is an avid PC gamer, this is what they’re secretly pining for.