Water Cooled Computer Case

inside water cooled computer casewater cooled computer case airflow

Now computer cooling systems are getting more and more advance. From Koolance computer case manufacturer, you can even have a water cooled computer case.

How does this water cooled computer case works? Well, on top of the computer case, there is a water pump. The water pump will pump in water into the inside of the computer. Water that goes into the computer will attract heat to it and then continues back to go out of the computer. When it is back to the water pump, there are fans that will blow the heat away. Take a look at the diagram below to understand how a water cooled computer case works. This is just like a radiator in a car. There are also special coolant liquid for your water cooled computer cases.

But of course, other cooling parts also need to be water base. This are like the CPU cooler, chipset cooler, hard disk cooler, all need to be water base.