White Chocolate

White chocolate is a concoction of milk, sugar and cocoa butter. It doesn’t contain any solid cocoa and therefore is often not regarded as chocolate at all. The ingredients alone show, that there is not much health benefit in the consumption of white chocolate. The only advantage over dark chocolate is, that whiteRead More

Dark chocolate A bittersweet pill to take

Chocolate is richer, darker and more indulgent than ever this holiday season, but don’t go double-dipping into the Godiva truffles and Hershey Kisses if you think this ancient food possesses magical medical benefits. Despite media reports over the past few years headlining the health perks of chocolate, especially darker varieties, many experts sayRead More

The world’s first 1,050 mph car BLOODHOUND stars at the Farnborough International Airshow

The BLOODHOUND Project today announces the achievement of significant milestones in this iconic engineering and education adventure: • 1.5 million school children in the BLOODHOUND Education Programme • Life size Show Car makes world début at Farnborough • 50% of the fuselage build now secured thanks to key product sponsor Hampson Industries • Three new sponsors signRead More