Gresso’s iPhone 4 Black Diamond may cost $10,000 but the case should fix the antenna issue

Gresso, the company that fancies itself a manufacturer of luxury communication devices, has come up with the iPhone 4 Black Diamond. The “luxury” here means an 18 carat gold Apple logo, a black diamond (presumably a carbonado), and a 200-year-old African Blackwood case. Mm.

The luxury is whatever, and I’m going to guess that not too many of you are particularly interested in having an 18 carat gold Apple logo on your phone. That said, the African Blackwood case should do just as well as any other case out there to correct theAntennagate issue.

So, you can spend $10,000 on this gussied up iPhone 4, or pray to the gods that the white iPhone 4 actually fixes the issue right from the get-go.