The iPhone 4 “End Call” Antenna sticker becomes real

In the wake of antennagate, that little antenna-bridging “End Call” sticker you see up above has been all the rage. Really, its been everywhere. Digg! Reddit! Your dad’s Tumblr!

The one place it hasn’t been, however, is on an iPhone. The image up above is obviously just a Photoshop-job, and, as far as we can tell, the clever soul who came up with the gag didn’t think to make it an actual product. Don’t worry, though — someone else has.

At-home sticker maker StickKing on Etsy jumped at the opportunity to make the whole thing real. Fortunately, unlike the fake one up above, this one won’t set you back 29 bucks. This one’ll only cost you about $4 — and thats for four of them. Unless you’ve got four iPhones, that means you’ve got some extras. Give’m to your friends! Stick’em on your dog! Better yet, give me one!