Uncle Sam Wants You To Fight Hackers

In cyber crime circles, this is called “social engineering,” and criminals use the tactics to circumvent companies’ Internet security software by tricking employees to download harmful software or cough up passwords. Osborn doesn’t look the part of a hacker, with his short blond hair, baby face, and glasses. Yet he’s persuasive—after a fewRead More

Facebook Twitter Users Vent Wrath Over Oil Spill

A Facebook group called “Boycott BP,” which encourages people to stop using BP (BP) products, has drawn more than 250,000 fans. U.S. government agencies have set up pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google’s (GOOG) YouTube, and Yahoo!’s (YHOO) Flickr to field questions about the cleanup effort. An anonymously managed Twitter account that makes glib comments, purportedlyRead More

Turning the iPhone Glitch into Gold

When complaints surfaced that the antenna wasn’t working properly on the iPhone 4, Apple (AAPL) told users to hold the device differently or put it in a protective case. Some owners called the response insensitive. Makers of iPhone accessories, on the other hand, welcomed it. “It is good news,” says Tim Hickman, founderRead More

Microsoft warns of Windows shortcut drive-by attacks

Microsoft on Tuesday said that hackers could exploit the unpatched Windows shortcut vulnerability using drive-by download attacks that would trigger an infection when people simply surf to a malicious Web site. A noted vulnerability researcher today confirmed that such attacks are possible. In the revised security advisory published yesterday Microsoft acknowledged the new attackRead More