Baby Bottle Sterilizer Reviews

Trying to bottle feed a newborn baby will require many baby bottles and the ability to sterilize both the bottles and nippers so as to ensure they remain bacteria free. Baby bottle sterilizers are a great inexpensive way to sterilize and clean baby bottles at the same time. These days, parents have theRead More

Jaw Pain, Ear Aches?

Sometimes, you will hear people or doctors refer to TMJ, which is the acronym for the temporomandibular joint, itself. The jaw joint, in front of the ear, is a ball and socket joint where the lower jaw (mandible) connects with the temporal bone of the skull. Between the two bones is a cartilageRead More

Improve Blood Circulation

However it is really obvious that whatever other factors are at play in our life, just about every illness, mental acuity, sexual performance, mood and the quality of life itself depends on our blood circulation. In an age where we have poisoned ourselves by allowing scientists and greedy corporations to refine our food,Read More

Flaw Opens ATMs to Hackers

A conference presentation would have exposed flaws in some cash machines. Barnaby Jack, a security researcher at the computer networking giant Juniper, had planned to hack into an automatic teller machine (ATM) live onstage at the Black Hat Security Conference in Las Vegas later this month. But his presentation, designed to demonstrate the insecurityRead More

Wireless Car Sensors Vulnerable to Hackers

Researchers figure out how to hijack sensor communications. Wireless kit: The equipment used to hijack a car’s tire sensors included a laptop, a programmable radio transceiver, and a custom circuit board, which, taken together, cost around $1,500. Credit: University of South Carolina/ Rutgers University Hackers could “hijack” the wireless pressure sensors built intoRead More

Hyundai Bets on Lithium-Ion Batteries

The 2011 Sonata Hybrid will be the first mass-market car to use the battery technology. Charging ahead: Hyundai’s hybrid sedan, which it will start selling in December, will feature a lithium-ion battery–a technology that Toyota has said isn’t ready for mass-market cars. Credit: Hyundai In December, Hyundai will launch the 2011 Sonata Hybrid,Read More

Nano Ink Boost for Silicon Solar

Ink-jet-printed silicon increases solar-cell efficiency. Inkjet solar: The inkjet printing process allows Innovalight to make silicon wafers that are thin enough to bend. A California company is using silicon ink patterned on top of silicon wafers to boost the efficiency of solar cells. The Sunnyvale, CA, firm Innovation says that the inkjet process is aRead More

A New Way to Use the Sun’s Energy

Bright heat: Nicholas Melosh has developed a device for simultaneously converting the sun’s light and heat into electricity. Melosh makes and tests the device in this vacuum chamber in his lab at Stanford University. Researchers have demonstrated a new mechanism for converting both sunlight and heat into electricity. A new type of deviceRead More

The Magic of Thinking Big

Note: This post is the first edition of a weekly series where PickTheBrain will review a book or product relevant to self improvement. This review represents the honest opinion of the author, but we would like to disclose that we receive a small referral commission on orders. A wise man is the masterRead More

3D Optical Finger Mouse

Ever thought of using your finger as a mouse for your PC? We are not talking about any touch enabled functions, but a 3D optical tool. This gadget, which can we worn around your index finger, enables your finger to be used as a mouse. Just put this on and align your fingertipRead More

Solar powered Laptop

Check out this solar-powered laptop concept that relies 100% on the sun’s rays to keep it going. I don’t know about this idea – laptops are notorious for their high power consumption, and they won’t be able to last too long without being hooked up to a power outlet. After all, you wouldn’tRead More

Solar Rolls Laptop Charger

This charger has proven itself a favorite among the outdoor types for backpacking and camping excursions. Power: The SolarRoll comes in three sizes, depending on the output need. The roll that is powerful enough to charge a laptop has an output of 14 watts. It provides a trickle charge, or can provide aRead More

How to Buy Hard Drive

Hard drive is one of the most critical component of your computer that stores your operating system, programs, and data. Buying the most appropriate Hard Drive for your system is an important decision. Before shopping for a hard drive, you must first know why do you need a hard drive and how wouldRead More