Keepin’ it real fake: because in China, even websites aren’t safe from knockoffs

When you’ve gone and built yourself an imitation MacBook Pro, a Magic Mouse-equipped pseudo-iMac,and an upcoming iPad-esque tablet, there’s little reason left to be shy with your website. That must be the thinking behind the design of Dragonfly’s web portal, which seems to have taken plenty of inspirationfrom Apple’s home on the internet. Upon visiting the Qing Ting address, users are confronted with a glamorous product shot, set against a black backdrop and accessorized only with some bold words — which happen to be as inane as the overreaching exaltations Apple likes to post up. So full marks for realism, but these aspiring KIRF merchants seem to have omitted the most important aspect: there’s no online store! How are we supposed to get our Q Pad now?