AMD had its turn in the high-end Dell desktop spotlight

AMD had its turn in the high-end Dell desktop spotlight, but it’s time for another Intel beast, as the company’s quietly upgraded its tower lineup to support Intel’s consumer-grade champion chip, the 3.33GHz Core i7-980X. While the new Studio XPS 9100 looks just the same as its predecessor on the outside and sports the same basic options and ports, internally there’s a 525W power supply with enough juice for a Radeon HD 5970 2GB graphics card (a $580 option) and slots for up to 24GB of DDR3 memory. You won’t be getting any of this pixel-pushing goodness on the $950 base model, of course, which has only a (respectable) quad-core 2.66GHz Core i7-920 and an Nvidia GeForce G310 512MB, but the machine looks like it could hold its own with low-end Alienware cousins if you get into $2,000+ territory. Call us crazy, but we think there’s a configurator session with your name on it.

Sure it’s the kind of distinction that only matters in some celeb’s rented-for-the-day mansion, but Luxurite is proudly claiming to be the first company offering anything as big as its 82-inch Glass TV (42-inch pictured). So named because its glass panel front flicks from see through (for more convenient TV watching) to a mirror when it’s turned off, listed specs show a 1080p resolution, 120,000:1 contrast ratio (yeah, right) and 3 HDMI inputs. Price? Don’t even ask. Well-heeled UK customers looking to spice up their bathroom, wet bar or other areas can get details on how to place a custom order beyond the read link.