3D Optical Finger Mouse

Ever thought of using your finger as a mouse for your PC? We are not talking about any touch enabled functions, but a 3D optical tool. This gadget, which can we worn around your index finger, enables your finger to be used as a mouse. Just put this on and align your fingertipRead More

Solar powered Laptop

Check out this solar-powered laptop concept that relies 100% on the sun’s rays to keep it going. I don’t know about this idea – laptops are notorious for their high power consumption, and they won’t be able to last too long without being hooked up to a power outlet. After all, you wouldn’tRead More

Solar Rolls Laptop Charger

This charger has proven itself a favorite among the outdoor types for backpacking and camping excursions. Power: The SolarRoll comes in three sizes, depending on the output need. The roll that is powerful enough to charge a laptop has an output of 14 watts. It provides a trickle charge, or can provide aRead More