What is a Digital HID Kit?

Digital HID kits are banned in many countries. Fotolia.com”>car headlights image by Kho Guan Ann from Fotolia.com A digital high intensity discharge (HID) kit is used to convert conventional car halogen headlights so they emit a high-intensity discharge. HID kits are controversial and banned in many countries because they produce a concentrated glareRead More

Brake Booster Removal

Removing the power brake booster can be done at home with normal tools. There are a few standard procedures to follow to remove this component. Remove The Master Cylinder The brake booster’s pushrod interacts with the master cylinder to initiate the hydraulic functions of the brake system. You may not need to disconnectRead More

How to Repair Brake Drums

You can repair worn-out brake drums by replacing the brake shoes. This increases the stopping power of your rear brakes because the pads are what create the friction against the inside of the brake drums. To repair the brake drums you need a brake drum puller. If you don’t have one, you canRead More

Ford Ranger Engine Troubleshooting

Always start troubleshooting by looking at the check engine light. Fotolia.com”>Car dashboard image by Andrejs Pidjass from Fotolia.com If you need to troubleshoot a Ford Ranger’s engine and you don’t know exactly where to start, the on-board diagnostic system can offer a tremendous amount of assistance. The Ranger’s diagnostic computer runs a seriesRead More

How to Tune Up a Car

Tune Up a Car How to Tune Up a Car Your car should receive a tune-up (often referred to as a “major service”) every two years or 30,000 miles, whichever comes first. During this tune-up your car will receive some new parts that will hopefully keep it out of the shop for aRead More

How to Charge your Car Battery

Inexpensive Battery Charger How to Charge your Car Battery User-Submitted Article Article #2 of “charging your car battery!” Article #1 dealt with jump starting your car battery from another car to get it home. * Now you and your car are safely at home and you have found a battery charger! Autozone willRead More

How to Verify a Rolex

In the world of luxury watches, Imitation is no substitute for the real thing, especially when it comes to craftsmanship and quality. Rolex watches are made with specially tailored details to set them apart from the rest. While counterfeit Rolex watchmakers have attempted to imitate these details, careful inspection can help you distinguishRead More

Trojan Virus Tools

Fotolia.com”>ajuda ! virus! image by Mauro Rodrigues from Fotolia.com Trojan viruses can be used by criminals to gain control of your computer. Anyone who uses the Internet is leaving herself open to the possibility of getting a Trojan virus, and there are some nasty viruses out there. The dreaded Trojan virus often appearsRead More

How to Remove Spy Agent

SpyTech developed SpyAgent, which is spyware that monitors all of your computer activity from websites you visit to keystrokes you type. The program sends out screen shots of your activity and sends out logs by FTP or by email. You often will not know that SpyAgent has installed to your computer, as theRead More

How to Negotiate IP Security

Protect your Internet connection with Windows Firewall. Fotolia.com”>writing data image by dinostock from Fotolia.com An IP (Internet Protocal) address can be equated as a telephone number for your computer. Your computer uses this number and various access points, otherwise known as ports, to send and receive information online. Internet security has become anRead More

How to Boil an Egg

Boil an Egg How to Boil an Egg Eggs are a rich source of protein and vitamins and are generally healthy to eat, unless you have a high cholesterol level. You can eat eggs raw, boiled or cooked in a pan as scrambled eggs or an omelet. Boiling eggs is one of theRead More

How to Make Quick Icing

Put the icing on the cake is a common expression for a reason. How to Make Quick Icing Since we all know seven-minute frosting takes much longer than that to prepare, here’s a quick icing that really lives up to its name. Yields 1/2 cup (enough to drizzle over a 10-inch tube cake).Read More