Food You Need to Eat to Prevent Toothache,

Pain in teeth or toothache is known as the pain occurring in and around the jaws or teeth due to various dental problems like tooth decay, loosening of the tooth, gum disease or dental cavity. This pain could further get aggravated by the intake or chewing of intense cold or hot food items.

Causes of Toothache:

The toothache could be throbbing, constant, sharp or shooting in nature. In the event it is not been treated properly then the last option that is left with you is its extraction.

However, the prime cause of toothache is decaying of the tooth which mainly happens due to improper eating habits. The main food course which leads to the decaying of the tooth is soft drinks, candies, refined carbohydrates and sugar products. The bacteria present within the mouth break the sugar intake into acid that usually combines with the calcium present in the tooth enamel and leads to decomposition and erosion of the teeth.

Remedies for Curing Toothache:

Bay Berry: For curing toothache it is advised that a thick paste of bay berry mixed with vinegar   should be made and applied over the affected area.

Clove:  Clove is found to be the effective home remedy for curing toothache. It is advised that clove oil should be applied over the affected area for pain relief and strengthening of gum.

Garlic: For curing toothache, garlic acts as the effective home remedy. It is advised that garlic clove with a pinch of rock salt needed to be put over the affected area to get relieved from pain. Chewing of Garlic every morning may help in making teeth healthy and strong.
Onion: Onion has acted as an effective home remedy for treating toothache. For allaying the pain of the teeth or gum it is advised to place one piece of onion over the affected area.

Lime: Lime is very useful home remedy to cure bad tooth. Daily consumption of lime in the form of lime juice helps in curing dental carries, bleeding of gums, toothache and decaying and loosening of the teeth.

Wheat Grass: Wheat grass is really beneficial in curing the toothache. The consumption of wheat grass in the form of juice or chewing may help you get rid of all the teeth problems.

Asafoetida: Asafoetida is very useful in alleviating the toothache. It is advised that a small chunk of Asafoetida mixed with lemon juice and slightly heated should be placed over the affected area with cotton swab.

Pepper:    Pepper powder acts as the best home remedy for curing various teeth problems like foul breath, bleeding of the gums, dental carries, toothaches and painful gums. It is advised the pepper powder mixed with clove oil should be applied over teeth and gums to alleviate all the problems.

Dietary Recommendations for Toothache:

In order to maintain the healthy teeth diet plays a very important role. The food we eat daily is mainly responsible for the teeth or gums we have. The teeth problems could eventually be avoided with the proper intake healthy and nutritious diet.

However, to maintain the teeth and gums in good and healthy condition it is important the sugar intake should be to the minimal. It is advised that one should consume whole wheat bread and raw vegetables more to have healthy teeth.

Apart from this it is very important that you should have proper cleaning regimen for teeth for preventing regular toothaches and decaying. For this you may consult your dentist, who may give you the proper guide to teeth maintenance, food to eat or avoid, cleaning of teeth, etc.