Virgin Mobile’s Second Prepaid Android Phone, The Optimus V, Officially Available Now

You know, I normally wouldn’t mention that the official debut of Virgin Mobile’s Optimus V is happening today; we don’t covermost prepaid phones, and this one was kinda-sorta available through other places (read: Radio Shack) if you asked the right person (read: the new guy) as of a few days ago.

But this phone… it gets a special pass. Not only is it a pre-paid Android phone, and not only is it Virgin Mobile’s first Android phone on 2.2 — but it’s also a really, really good phone for the $150 price tag, given that there’s no contract involved. When it comes to budget friendly phones, the LG Optimus One line that this one’s from is surprisingly decent. The more of these things Virgin Mobile sells, the more Android phones they’ll pick up — and the more pre-paid Android phones there are out there scratching at big carriers to keep things cheap, the better.