Apptoyz Appquiz

Keep the coins in your pocket and turn your iPad into a pub quiz machine, replete with lavishly hand-tooled plastic-style buzzers. There’s support for iOS and Android devices with quiz app content available on the Apple App Store or Google Play, and if the questions become repetitive you can download new content andRead More

Lenco iPT-6 ipod dock

Towering above all other iOS homes, the speaker dock is compatible with all iPods and iPhones and magics up a 6.1 surround sound-styled experience from but one magical, vibrantly hued, 80w edifice. There’s an LED display on board and Lenco’s Sonic Emotion 3D chipset will apparently eliminate audio ‘blind spots’ from your room.Read More

Blue Microphones Tiki

Essentially a tiny USB mic, the nifty, retro-styled little USB bolt-on speaker alleviates piss-poor laptop audio misery with noise cancelling tech to keep Skype calls, podcasting and other recordings free from unwanted interference. Price: £60