Edifier Spinnaker speakers

Edifier’s toothy speakers are beautiful to look at, but they also pack a punch. Sound over Bluetooth is a little murky unless you’re playing from a device with a high SBC rating There’s some distortion at higher volumes, but get the optical or auxiliary ports involved and you’ll be pre pleased with theRead More

Red5 Spy Hawk

A remote controlled plane that comes with a first person view, the Spy Hawk glider features a five-megapixel camera that can beam images to a 3.5-inch screen on the controller. A state of the art stabilization system will aid flying novices as will the gyro-powered ‘autopilot’ mode and all of you adventures canRead More

Optoma PK301+

A compact pal for your idevice, laptop or SD card, the PK301+ pico projector splatters a 150-inch image all over the back wall with 50 lumens of brightness. There’s HDMI, VGA and Composite support and with a Micro SD card slot you can store up to 32GB of video content. Price: £300

Option viu2

    The world’s first Plug ’n’ play camera that streams over 3G, the Option viu2 is compatible with iOS and Android handsets and delivers 640×480 VGA footage at 30 fps. With up to two hours of streaming and the ability to store footage in the cloud, you can even configure an armyRead More

ePure Bluetooth station

Still yearning for that home phone feeling? The all-in-one Bluetooth phone handset with charging dock pairs with a smartphone or tablet delivering hands-free HD calling. Using Fulleco technology to protect against the harmful effects of putting mobile to ear, a pair of integrated 2W speakers serves as a more than decent place toRead More