Gear4 Angry Birds Headphones

RSPB approved (we have no idea) these bird-based cans come in six different colours, have 3 pairs of buds and should be compatible with all of your iOS devices. With the game notching up over a billion downloads, expect more of the Angry merchandise to be on its way… Price: £19.99

Twelve South HoverBar

Want to use your iPad to create the ulimate Apple workstation? This sturdy L-Shaped stand that hovers in the air, can be tilted in any direction making it perfect for watching movies on the gorgeous Retina Display while you pretend to do some work. Price: £69.95

Paper Watch

Can’t find a watch that expresses your style, this paper watch can be adorned with all the design capabilities that you have in your biro. With an adjustable strap and longlife battery, this watch will definitely show your individuality. Price: £7.50

Musuc Bag

With the festival season well under way, if you’re looking to invest in a new sleeping bag, the Musuc Bag is certainly worth a look. The original sleeping bag made with arms and legs, it gives you the freedom of mobility with all the warmth and comfort of a sleeping bag. Perfect forRead More