Boombox Latest Metal Wristwatch

Get ready to get latest boombox metal wristwatch. The fresh invention is just like a stereo deck of old days. It illuminates its display with a digital LCD and available at very low cost of eighty nine us dollars. The annotated boombox metal wrist watch is very economical both financially and on battery consumption. GetRead More

How to Make Your Data Last Forever

sociology dissertation in 1992, Robert Runté realized his floppies were readable only by an Osborne computer—and he was the only person he knew who still used one (released in 1981, the 25-pound Osborne is considered to be the first “portable” computer). So he uploaded his file to the University of Alberta’s mainframe—what couldRead More

SolarFocus Solar Kindle

Harness the power of Mother Nature with a guaranteed 3 months of reading coming from the sun with the Kindle cover that is form-fitted with a solar panel discreetly tucked inside the casing. The panel can be used to power the reading light stashed within the case or even to charge the KindleRead More


Enhance your golf swing with this smart glove that hosts sensors that relay pressure to a hand mounted display offering grip guidance. Expect real-time audio feedback if you are holding a little too tight to your club. Price: £50

Atari Flashback 3

This Atari 2600-looking piece of kit will remind you of a time when games called Gravitar and Frog Pond served as your after school entertainment. This plug and play console works with your TV, has 60-built in games and two joysticks to re-live gaming sessions from the past. Price: £39.99

Ferguson Hill FH009

Britain’s top/only purveyor of transparent Hi-Fi kit, brings this high end audio set-up made up of two horn speakers two bass speakers and integrated amplifier. Expect to give the neighbours a shake when you are sitting through your Christmas Blu-ray box sets. Price: £795

Ikon RC iBuggy

For the truly Apple obsessed, the iBuggy is not only inspired by the iconic Apple smartphone but the Cupertino company has supplied the chip technology that enables iPhone and iPod owners the ability to control the the four-wheel buggy straight from their iOS device. Price: £80

Bluelounge Sumo

In day and age where we’ve got smartphone and tablet chargers infiltrating desk space, this cable tidy uses ‘high tech’ suction pads to stay secure to your desk and hold wires taut to prevent tangle. Price: £7.50  

USB Typewriter

Whether you want to get all nostalgic about those manual typing days, or want to recreate the opening credits of Murder She Wrote, this digitally upscaled typewriter should do the trick. It connects via USB which means you can connect it to your Mac, PC or your Apple iPad. Price: $650

U Draw

Call upon all your artistic skill with the Wii wireless drawing tablet that has now landed on the PlayStation 3. So now you can share your time evenly between killing zombies and creating a masterpiece. Price: £70

JBL OnBeat Xtreme

Adding to the already impressive catalogue of iOS-proof docks, the Xtreme has portability on its side to stand out of the crowd. But that’s not all, the Bluetooth supported loudspeaker delivers 30 watts of sound, and features a composite cable output to hook up to a TV, and a mic to take careRead More

Geneva Sounds XS

With travel clock inspired looks, the XS claims to be the first portable audio system with true Hi-Fi sound. The all-in-one system supports Bluetooth playback and hosts a digital amplifier, stereo speakers, digital FM tuner and an alarm clock. The clamshell design means you can also slip it comfortably into your overnight bag.Read More