On the Road to 5G Networks

Walking around Mobile World Congress, it was easy to see all sorts of demos marked “5G,” as if the next generation of wireless technology–the step beyond 4G or LTE–is right around the corner. It’s not. In fact, formal proposals for 5G technology aren’t due to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) until the fallRead More

How to Improve Your Phone’s Battery Life

When your phone’s battery runs down inexplicably fast, certain apps and settings are likely to blame. A recent report by AVG actually pinpointed the top battery-draining apps on Android, which included Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, Path, and Amazon Shopping. Just knowing that those apps are notorious energy offenders could help you manage how youRead More

Flying Cars Could Be a Reality By 2017

Though it’s not exactly what The Jetsonspredicted, AeroMobil’s flying car may hit the road—er, sky—as soon as 2017. During an appearance at this week’s SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, AeroMobilCEO Juraj Vaculik said the company hopes to release its first model within three years, The Verge reported. Vaculik described three “prisons” of modernRead More

Use Your Face to Unlock Windows 10

Microsoft today dropped the latest breadcrumb leading to the upcoming release of Windows 10: Biometric authentication. Dubbed Windows Hello, the security feature will provide instant access to upgraded devices via your face, iris, or fingerprint. So forget forgetting passwords—your unique features will soon be the key to unlocking apps, data, websites, and otherRead More