Movpak: Electric Vehicle & Backpack In One

The first portable electric vehicle & backpack in one is now better than ever.


  • Movpak is the first backpack that can carry everything you need for the day and you at the same time.
  • It unfolds in one movement into an electric vehicle that goes up to 20 mph with a wireless remote control.
  • Did we mention that you can also charge devices in the Movpak, and on the go?
  • No fumes, no wires, no damage to the environment.






Does it have a brake?

Yes! Just push the remote trigger forwards, and it will start braking. In fact, the brakes are regenerative, which mean that you will be recharging your battery overtime you break.

I’ve never ridden a skateboard, snowboard, surfboard, or any kind of boards. Can I learn how to ride a Movpak?

Of course! Learning to ride a Movpak is actually much easier than all these board sports. First, because it has a motor, with brakes, that prevents the Movpak from sliding when you get on. Second and best, you can press your foot and calf against the rear part of the backpack. This will give you added support, stability and provide you more balance. You can use your calf to make turns, just leaning forwards and backwards.

Can I make skateboard tricks with it?

We know how fun it is to ride, but we do not recommend this. Although it is very resistant and durable, the Movpak was designed to be a personal vehicle for transportation, not for extreme sports.

What is the maximum rider weight?

We suggest 240 lbs. However, the range, speed and hill climbing may vary according to the riders weight.

Is the Movpak waterproof?

The backpack is water repellent, and the motor is sealed. You can ride it in a light rain, and humid terrains, but never in heavy rain, with water on the pavement.

What are the materials used to make a Movpak?

Movpak was designed with the latest technology and materials, made from the same special aluminum used in the manufacturing of aircrafts and satellites.

We’ve chosen to use a lithium battery, a powerful brushless motor, all beautifully packaged on a light weight laminated deck that’s constructed using a combination of wood, metal and Kevlar compounds allowing it to be strong and flexible at the same time.

We’ve redesigned the remote many times, again using the latest technologies, making it more appealing and comfortable, using simple one touch buttons for acceleration, braking and even one for reversing.

Is the charger universal i.e, can be used in different countries where the voltage is different?

Yes, Movpak’s input voltage is 100-240v~50/60hz 2.0A. Although you may need an adaptor to fit your outlet since Movpak comes with American standard plug.

What type of braking system does MOVPAK use?

MOVPAK uses a regenerative braking system to help sustain the batteries charge.

If the battery ends, can the owner use the skate as a regular one?

10 miles is a long range. Research indicates that most of commuters are averaging about 3 miles everyday going to work or school and back, so we thought that 10 miles would be more than enough. Besides, you can always charge it in any regular outlet in just 2 hours. So, that is why we didn’t design this Movpak model for using it as a regular skateboard.

Can we charge devices in the Movpak. How is that?

Absolutely! Movpak comes with a USB port so you can charge smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. Another cool feature we’ve recently added is a wireless smartphone charging where you just place a compatible phone in a pocket and it will start charging automatically.

Isn’t the backpack too heavy to carry?

If you compare it with a regular backpack, then yes, it weighs 17lbs. But we are talking about a portable electric vehicle, so compared with a regular bike or other portable electric vehicles it weights less than half of most of them. Also, we’ve added a really cool feature that allows you to roll the MOVPAK instead of wearing it, making that option perfect for inside of buildings or even going through the hallways at your school or university. If you are going upstairs or downstair then go ahead, wear it using the straps and you will be fine.


Is Movpak ok to travel on airlines?

Yes! Movpak is also airport friendly by both fitting in most overhead compartments on commercial flights and also by meeting battery size limit restrictions for traveling with. The pull out handle makes rolling Movpak super easy and convenient.



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